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Marie Matthews

Hello, I’m Marie. I have been running the shop and studio for over 8 years, first in a smaller premises and then, (when I was having difficulty opening the door for all the wool!), into my present site.  I enjoy all sorts of textile crafts from knitting and crochet to felting, spinning and weaving, sewing and embroidery!  Jack of all trades as they say!!  This has produced a shop that is truly an eclectic mix of all the things you need, (want!), to enjoy your crafting.

I am always happy to advise on converting yarn used in old patterns into what is comparable and available now.  Or, if you have some yarn burning a hole in your stash box, because you don’t quite know how it will fare with modern patterns, I am happy to help in the detective work!

I look forward to meeting you at the shop or studio…..